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The waters of Eastern North Carolina are famous for holding large numbers of wintering waterfowl in variety like no other. Our waters can provide an array of species from buzzing flocks of diver ducks to circling groups of puddle ducks. A mixed bag of ducks is common when the migration is in full swing. With local knowledge of weather and waters, we will put you in the optimal spot for success.  


On the day before your hunt, you will be instructed to a meeting place at a designated time and location. Weather forecasts and duck activity will dictate time and location varying on a day to day basis. We will provide you with the best shooting opportunity for that day along with a hot breakfast in the blind. We encourage you to ask us questions and enjoy all aspects of the day!



  • Check your plug! Your gun can only hold 3 shells at a time while hunting waterfowl. One in the chamber and two in the magazine.

  • Make sure your NC hunting license is up to date along with a current signed 2020/2021 duck stamp.

  • We can't shoot lead! Double check that your boxes of shells are steel or non-toxic waterfowl shot. 

  • Pack accordingly for the day. You might feel like you dressed warm enough until that unforecasted front sets in at lunch time. Layers are your best friend.

  • Pack some snacks and a lunch. You may want to bring a sandwich if you're planning to stay and wait for the afternoon flight.

  • Have a swan tag? Let us know before the hunt. Don't forget to sign it and pack it in your bag!

At First Light Charters, we value our natural resources and we respect the animals we harvest. We dispatch our shot birds as quickly and humanely as possible.


Duck Hunting Trips

Maximum of 4 hunters per trip.
Deposit of $100 required to book.
$200 per hunter. Hunts end around 1pm.

2022/2023 Duck Season dates:
Dates will be announced upon release
No hunts on Sundays

You are responsible for purchasing your own NC hunting license and federal duck stamp before hunting with First Light Charters.
Purchase your license and duck stamp here

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